Technology today is expanding across all parts of the home at a rapid pace, embracing more equipment and evolving new capabilities. The wiring in your home that ties it all together is a critical component, which must be able to keep up with rapidly increasing demands into the future. Structured wiring is a carefully planned implementation of all the network and control wiring running through the walls of your house, from a main location to all devices and control points.

It’s your most important in-home technology since, much like a central nervous system, it’s how every device communicates to each other and to you. Utilizing the same concepts as today’s leading-edge companies, our enterprise-grade structured wiring solution is individually tailored to your present and future needs for distributing audio, video, telephone, and computer or other application data to your rooms, as well as providing the network backbone for effective wireless coverage.

Wireless depends on wiring

Wireless technologies are constantly advancing, and a wired backbone is the best starting point for adopting these new capabilities to improve throughput and eliminate dead zones. Even as we enter the Internet-of-Things era, it’s important to realize that not everything in the home can or should connect wirelessly.

We take into account both technology considerations and best security practices to design a solution that will keep you ahead of the curve for as long as you are in your home.