Installing a Remote System Monitoring & Management Control System allows you to ensure your commercial security system, commercial lighting control system or climate & temperature control system are always working as intended. Business Networking Solutions create an infrastructure for your business, but remote system monitoring and management control gives you the capability to ensure your commercial building automation is running safely, whether or not the office is unoccupied.

Offload your staff

Even if you normally have staff on site during working hours who can observe and respond to system alerts such as a router failure in the network or a temperature out-of-range in the server room, when they’re away from their office or the business is closed, you need a way for them to be notified so the situation can be assessed and addressed in an appropriate time frame.

Digital Innovations can install remote system monitoring and management control capabilities for your critical systems that will allow your staff to receive alerts and take corrective actions right from their smartphone, tablet, or any Internet-connected PC so they don’t need to be chained to their desk in order to keep your business operating safely, at peak efficiency. If you don’t have staff who can receive remote alerts, we can arrange licensed 3rd party managed service providers to perform that function for you.

Minimize your risks

Don’t accept the risk of damage or lost business by assuming problems can wait until you show up for work – let Digital Innovations create a remote system monitoring and management control solution that brings alarms and alerts to the attention of someone who can decide what action needs to be taken as soon as they occur.