Motorizing your window treatments is not just a way you can touch a control instead of pulling cords. It is also how we integrate window treatments into your whole home control solution. The benefits of this are countless. The convenience of presetting them to open and close at set times based on your family’s lifestyle (or sunrise and sunset) rather than walking room to room is just the beginning.

Improves energy efficiency and security

As part of a home control system, your motorized window treatment solution improves energy efficiency and security as well as enhancing your privacy. For example, when the temperature during the day gets too high or low in any room the system can close those window treatments to prevent the sun from heating it further. If it gets too warm, just open them to take advantage of the sun’s heat. The reduced stress on air conditioning and heating systems becomes money saved on your energy bill.

In another situation, the system can close any open window treatments when the security system is armed to block the view from outside. This way, bedtime becomes private time for your family. You will be glad you added this often overlooked addition to your home, once you experience all the subtle ways it improves your lifestyle.