A lighting control system for your house provides many benefits. It makes your home safer and more convenient for everyday activities, it eliminates the unsightly banks of dimmers that clutter your walls, it lowers cost by conserving energy, and it can establish a mood for any room that fits its regular use or change it for special events.

Different lighting schemes for different moods or situations

Your dining room can have one lighting scheme for mealtime, another for relaxing after dinner with drinks, and a separate one for entertaining. You can push one button when you leave home to arm the security system and at the same time turn off every light in the house. When you return, the system has automatically turned on outside lights at dusk and can now follow you in, turning on your interior lights in order as you enter the garage then open the kitchen door, to make sure you never get that unsafe feeling of entering a dark house again.

Whether you are building a new home or upgrading an existing one, we can tailor a lighting solution that’s perfect for your needs and budget.