Our distributed video solutions are built for the future and beyond. As televisions keep getting thinner, the ideal placement for them now is mounted to a wall. This avoids having bulky furniture in a room just for a TV to sit on, but it also removes the place that held all the supporting set-top equipment and wiring.

Any video source on any screen in your home

Our solution is a custom video distribution system that consolidates your media sources like satellite receivers, cable boxes, Blu-Ray players, Roku, or AppleTV in a central location and shares them among all the televisions in your home over a universal wiring connection.

Combining technology that can transport even the latest 4K high-definition signals, unobtrusive wiring to each TV, and an out-of-sight central source location to hide unsightly equipment, your custom-designed video distribution system will enhance your home’s appearance, eliminate the cost of multiple sources at each television, and ensure that you have a future-proof wiring infrastructure that can adapt to new services or technologies as needed.