An audio system that plays music throughout the house has been one of the most popular requests from homeowners for many years. In the past, this meant the same selection in every room with no way to change it or adjust the volume. Today we can offer solutions that are flexible – listen to Pandora Internet Radio in the kitchen, your iTunes collection in the bedroom, and the big game in your entertainment room, each with individual volume control to satisfy the audience.

Custom audio designs that blends right into your home’s décor

Our custom designs place speakers discreetly in ceilings or walls to blend right into your home’s décor and support a terrific surround-sound or stereo experience in any room, all controlled from a single integrated system. The tiny speakers in today’s ultra-thin flat panel TVs can’t spoil the fun of movies or sports on a big screen when sound comes through a powerful home audio system that’s tailored to fill the room and put you right in the middle of the action.

In addition to radio, television, internet streams, and your media collection, family and guests can even send audio right from their mobile devices to speakers in the room so everyone can listen to their favorites throughout the house.

Your designer will spend the time to learn your lifestyle so the individual solution they create complements your home and your habits in every way. Once you experience the magic of music at your command in any room or the thrill of movies and sports with full-range sound, all simply enveloping you without the clutter of equipment, you won’t be able to imagine a home without distributed audio.