Climate control is more than just setting your thermostat – it’s a way to save money on energy costs while staying as comfortable as possible in your home. A properly configured climate control system manages your home’s heating and cooling systems for individual floors, zones, or rooms based on how you use them, and integrates with your motorized shading or humidity controls so they can assist in maintaining your comfort while reducing your costs.

Climate control – the smart way

Beyond just time-of-day home temperature control like getting the kitchen warmed up and the bathroom floor heated just before your alarm goes off, a smart home thermostat control system can also set temperatures by detecting whether a room is in use, so cooling is stopped automatically after you’ve been away from the home office for twenty minutes.

In addition, you can remotely control the system based on events that only you are aware of, such as leaving the house for a short errand and deciding to make it an extended trip. Even though you didn’t turn down the thermostat before you left, it’s not too late – simply pull up the app on your smartphone and tell the system to adjust the temperature and close the blinds so you’re not wasting heat or air conditioning while you’re gone.

Let our experienced home climate control specialists and designers create a highly efficient and flexible climate control solution for your home that will maximize your comfort and minimize your utility bills.